Online Therapy for Professional Women

I Help High-Performing Professional Women Thrive While Navigating Life Transitions.

Life can be challenging at times.  Even though change is a natural part of life, it is not always easy.

On the outside, you look like you have it all together. You are well-educated, successful, independent, and seem to have it all…yet still feel empty inside.

The reality is that you are TIRED of being strong and showing up for everyone else.

You never get enough sleep because you lay awake overanalyzing conversations, replaying situations play-by-play, and mindlessly scrolling social media.

Exhausted from feeling like a fraud and having to prove yourself to everyone?

Do you find yourself stuck in the comparison trap?  

 There has got to be a better way!

I understand that deciding to start therapy can be intimidating.  You made a great choice.  Investing in yourself is the best decision you can make!

Just Imagine...

Having healthy personal and professional relationships, allowing you to be seen and heard.

Feeling confident in your decisions without second-guessing yourself.

Creating boundaries and saying “no” without feeling guilty.

Loving yourself...just the way you are!

It is never too late...

It is time to unleash your authentic self.  You have spent too much time listening to that inner critic.  Let me help you heal that little girl inside of you.

You were made for so much more in life!

Can you imagine having a safe space to unpack those limited beliefs that are holding you back and keeping you stuck?  

Together, we can design the life you always dreamed of.  Let me help you rewrite the narrative and create your happy ending!

Let's start working together!

What People Are Saying

"My time working with Jennifer has been powerful to say the least. Since day one, I have always felt that she champions individual empowerment. I see that in my sessions with her as we work through everything and anything — she is always right there not just guiding me but providing me with the tools to face challenges head on and step into every situation feeling powerful. Her skills, patience, and dedication are clear and I cannot recommend working with her enough. I can confidently say that without our time together, I would not be able to step into my most authentic self."

— Ash S.

"Jennifer's workshop was amazing! I learned so much about myself when completing the activities; and implemented many of the tools in my day to day life. I encourage everyone to attend the workshop. You will not be disappointed."

— Arielle D.

"I was able to achieve personal goals with the guidance and motivation from Jennifer. I finally found my confidence…"

— Rebecca

"Before signing up for the workshop, I was challenged with not having enough time to complete projects.  After attending the workshop, I was able to take care of myself by cleaning out useless things in my life!  I am now journaling about my time and how I spend it.  My most significant improvements are prioritizing my schedule, learning to say no, and staying in my lane.  If you are joining in on the next class, take notes and implement the advice shared."

— Kimberly

"Jennifer really helped me grow in my personal relationships and career!  Thanks for helping me learn how to manage my anxiety…"

— Tonya

"Before signing up for Jennifer's workshop, I was challenged with a lack of time and doubt.  After attending the workshop, I changed my perspective on a number of issues.  I have definitely resolved the problem.  My most significant improvements are peace, living under the direction of the universe, and patience.  If you are joining in on the next class, keep an open mind and do the work."

— Anonymous

Motivation comes from within - and I am here to help you activate it!

Hi, I'm Jennifer!

I’m an expert transition strategist, educator, and therapist, and am passionate about empowering women.

My passion is helping other women find their passion and their purpose, so they can align with what they love.

My mission is to inspire professional women to find their authenticity, value their worth, and create a transformative change from the inside out.

My vision is to create a movement that allows professional women to redesign their lives and impact the world around them with truth, authenticity, and love.

I am a global leader with a badass spirit ready to help professional women find their truth and live it….intentionally and unapologetically.