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Rates & Insurance

Invest In Yourself


  • Individual Therapy Session (53 minutes) - $175.00
  • First Visit/Intake (60 minutes) - $225.00                 

Method of Payment:

Credit Card, HSA

Insurance Reimbursement

As an out-of-network provider, I am able to offer a SuperBill for you to take advantage of your out-of-network benefits. Many of my clients are able to be reimbursed for the money they spend on therapy. A SuperBill is a detailed receipt that includes the date of service, the fee you paid, the procedural code (intake #90791 & therapy #90837), and the diagnostic code. If you would like to see about possible reimbursement, I would recommend you call your insurance company and ask them the following questions so that you understand your out-of-network benefits for therapy:

  • Do I have any out-of-network benefits?
  • How much is my mental health deductible or out-of-network deductible and has it been met yet?
  • Do I have a coinsurance and if so, how much is it?
  • Will I need a referral in order to see a provider that is out-of-network?
  • How can I submit a claim or SuperBill to be reimbursed?

Provide the insurance with the following CPT codes used to get an accurate quote:

  • CPT Code:  90837  Individual Therapy Session (53 minutes)     
  • CPT Code:  90791   First Visit/Intake (60 minutes)    

Why Choose Private Pay for Therapy? The Benefits of Not Using Health Insurance.

Choosing to pay out-of-pocket for psychotherapy offers unparalleled privacy, flexibility, and control. Enjoy the freedom to select any therapist, tailor your treatment without insurance limitations, and ensure your mental health records remain confidential. Invest in yourself for a more personalized, uninterrupted, and effective therapeutic journey. Discover the benefits of taking charge of your mental wellness today.

  • Greater Privacy: Keep your mental health records confidential and off insurance files.
  • More Therapist Options: Select any therapist, including specialists outside your insurance network.
  • Flexible Treatment Plans: Customize the duration and frequency of your sessions without restrictions.
  • Immediate Access: Start therapy right away without waiting for insurance approvals.
  • Uninterrupted Care: Maintain consistent therapy even if your insurance changes.

Take control of your mental health and experience the benefits of personalized care.

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend a session, please make sure you cancel at least 24 hours beforehand. Otherwise, you may be charged for the full rate of the session.

Any Other Questions

Please contact me for any additional questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!

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